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Underground Cable & Pipe Location Services

Before you start an excavation project, count on MBM Plumbing to pinpoint the exact location of your drain lines and electrical lines. Locating hidden underground lines is the right way to plan a project and remove significant expense and safety risks. MBM Plumbing’s cable and pipe locating service is a small investment before excavation to avoid downtime and severe injuries to workers and the public. We have experienced and qualified technicians to locate underground utility services, including electricity, sewer, water and gas. Call MBM Plumbing today to request one of our technicians to lead you to the right pipes and cable lines. 

Unlock the Benefits of Our Locating Services

Here’s how our pipe and line detection service can help you with your project.

Reduces costly mistakes and guesswork

Locates with precision the exact drain or cable lines

Eliminates disruption of large areas for repairs

Minimizes labour expenses and time spent

Maximizes productivity and efficiency

Minimizing Human Error and Maximizing Site Safety

MBM Plumbing offers accurate cable and pipe locating services designed to minimize human error and maximize the onsite safety of your workers, and assist you in finding buried utilities without inadvertently striking them. Whether it is to locate hidden faulty pipes or drainage systems, give us a call to schedule the detection of buried utilities. 

Book Pipe Locating Service

Depend on MBM Plumbing to dig information for you before you actually start digging.

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