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Plumbing and Chimney Inspection Services for Your Home

A home inspection is vital for people looking to invest in a home as well as for existing homeowners. At MBM Plumbing, we have a team of licensed technicians to inspect your plumbing and chimney. Our company strives to help you with the knowledge of any plumbing and chimney issues before they turn into a nightmare. Whether it is a well, septic tank, drain line, leaking pipe, chimney or fireplace, we’re here to help you with a detailed inspection of your property. Scheduling an inspection for your home is a diagnostic and preventative measure. Rely on us to educate you about the condition of your plumbing and chimney, and request a quote for repairs and service. 

Certified Chimney Inspections for Your Home

We perform internal and external chimney inspections, including both chimney and fireplace examination, to ensure you have a safe winter. Our inspectors use video equipment to examine the inside of the chimney to find accurate information for service and repair. We are licensed contractors and W.E.T.T. certified, and our safe and thorough chimney inspection service strives to avoid minor chimney issues turning into major problems later on.  


Proper Well and Septic Inspections

Do you require a specialized and intrusive inspection for your well or septic system? We have licensed contractors to inspect your water well and septic tank and ensure the proper functioning of your home. Let our technicians inspect the quality of your water and check your septic system for health and safety risks.  

Book Pipes and Fixtures Examination

Do you want to schedule an appointment for a proper plumbing inspection or ask a question regarding one of our home inspection services?

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